SAM workshop and conference

The SAM event provides an open discussion platform: the first event was a workshop and concerned Specification and Description Language And Message Sequence Chart (MSC) matters. The proceedings of the 4th workshop had the title System Analysis and Modelling: 4th International SDL and MSC workshop, with the theme Security Analysis and Modelling. SAM thus addresses topics related to various description techniques and the use of the acronym has evolved: for the 5th (and subsequent events) the title is System Analysis and Modelling. The intended audience ranges from SDL Forum members to tool vendors, and from researchers to users, and participants in standardization bodies on System Design Language matters. The workshop is usually limited to about 100 persons. SAM was expected to be a less formal event than the biennial SDL Forum event, but both events have evolved to be places for presentation of papers and resulting intensive discussions enabling the exchange of ideas for the future development and application of System Design Languages. In 2014 it was decided to rename the 8th SAM a conference.

It was agreed at the Society AGM 2018 to discontinue the use of the name "SDL Forum" and that future annual events would be SAM events, if possible colocated with and in collaboration with the annual IEEE/ACM MODELS conference.

Sep 2024 - with Models2024 - Linz, Austria - 16th SAM Conference
Oct 2023 - with Models2023 - Västerås, Sweden - 15th SAM Conference
Oct 2022 - with Models2022 - Montreal, Canada - See Programme and Proceedings (search for "SESSION: 14th System analysis and modelling conference").
Oct 2021 - with Models2021 - Fukuoka, Japan Virtual - See Programme and Proceedings (pages 727 to 832) .
Oct 2020 - with Models2020 - Montreal, Canada Virtual - See Programme and Proceedings.
Oct 2019 - with Models2019 - Munich, Germany - See Programme and Proceedings.
Oct 2018 - with Models2018 - Copenhagen, Denmark - See Programme and Proceedings.
Oct 2016 - with Models2016 - Saint Malo, France - See Programme and Proceedings.
Sep 2014 - with Models2014 - Valencia, Spain - See Programme and Proceedings.
Oct 2012 - with Models2012 - Innsbruck, Austria - Proceedings.
Oct 2010 - with Models2010 - Oslo, Norway - Proceedings.
Sep 2008 - ITU Geneva "ITU System Design Languages"
(note: in lieu of a SAM in 2008).
Jun 2006 - Kaiserslautern University, Germany - Proceedings.
Jun 2004 - Ottawa, Canada - See Programme and Proceedings.
Jun 2002 - Aberystwyth, United Kingdom - See Programme, Proceedings and Contest.
Jun 2000 - Grenoble - Papers and Slides presented.
Jun 1998 - Berlin, Germany - Papers and Slides presented.