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7th SAM
ystem Analysis and Modelling)


As outlined below it is agreed that SAM2012 is in Innsbruck, Austria co-located with Models 2012. The final decision was delegated to a committee at the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Society in 2011. The final decision to proceed with SAM2012 in Innsbruck was made by this committee in October 2011.


The 6th SAM Workshop (SAM2010) was held as a co-located satellite event of the Models 2010 conference in Oslo on 04-05 October 2010, as the result of discussions 22 September 2009 at the AGM of the Society held on during the 14th SDL Forum. Over 70 people attending the Models 2010 events registered that they would attend at least part of SAM2010. There was good participation with probably a maximum of about 50 in the room at a given time. In addition there was the opportunity to mix with delegates in other satellite events and attend the main Models conference after SAM2010. 

A show of hands at the end of SAM2010 indicated that all those present wanted SAM2012 to be co-located with Models 2012, which is planned for to take place in Innsbruck, Austria. This was confirmed by a unanimous decision of the Society AGM 2010 to proceed on this basis, but is dependent on agreement with Models 2012 organizers.

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