In addition to the benefits from the promotion SDL and MSC by the Society, Members have received the following benefits:

1. SDL Forum Society events - discount prices

Members used to benefit from a discount on the SDL Forum fees and SAM (System Analysis and Modelling) conference fees. However, the last few (SAM) events have been treated as MODELS workshops with fees paid through MODELS and no discount has been given.

2. Evolutionary development of  SDL standards and methods

Although the ITU-T publishes the Specification and Description Language and Message Sequence Chart Recommendations as standards, it recognizes the SDL Forum Society as an organisation that is involved in the evolution of the languages and associated methods to meet changing needs. The ITU-T has therefore agreed that the Society can distribute versions of the standards to members free of charge. Members can also be invited to participate in standards meetings and have access to documents discussed at the meetings, including draft versions of new and revised standards.


The ITU-T has granted the Society permission to distribute versions of the Recommendations via its site. For example, the full (MSword and PDF files) for the published October 2019 version of SDL-2010 can be found at:

The full previous version of SDL-2010 published August 2016 can be found at:

The (now obsolete) version of SDL-2000 incorporating changes approved to April 2006 can be found at:

The (original but obsolete) SDL-2000 version is a zip file of four MS Word 97 documents at:

The September 2001 version of MSC-2000 as a zip file of a PDF document is at
and as a zip file of the MS Word document at:

The original November 1999 MSC-2000 version as a set of browser files is at:

If you are a member but need the name/password combination contact the admin of

3. Discount copies of Forum proceedings

The proceedings of SDL Forum and SAM events used to be published by Elsevier Science and then from 2001 by Springer. Since 2020 they have been published as a MODELS workshop by either ACM or IEEE.

For publication through Elsevier Science and then from 2001 by Springer, the Society made a bulk purchase of the event proceedings at a special price in advance of the event. The discount price was about 35% (a 65% discount) of the publisher's price. All delegates at the Forum received one copy of the Forum Proceedings from this bulk purchase included in their delegate's pack.

Members could reserve one or more extra copies of the event proceedings at a special discount price (based on the bulk purchase price plus postage and packing) by placing an order with the Society one month in advance of the event.

After the Forum any copies from the bulk purchase remaining were sold to Members at the special discount price, based on the bulk purchase price plus postage and packing and payment by credit card. Proceedings currently available from the Society are shown on the proceedings page. Alternatively contact the admin of for details.

4. Updates on SDL Forum server content

Members get positive email distribution about changes to the services offered.

5. Email addresses at

Currently to stop spam, emails are only accepted from specifically allowed domains (essentially to allow emailing to lists from addresses on the lists). Previously members were offered a free virtual POP email address at, but with the current limitations this is no longer practical.

6. Other benefits

The Board will consider any other suggestions from members for benefits, such as information available only to members.