SAM 2022 Programme

The SAM conference took place at the MIL Campus of the University of Montreal. ROOM: A-3502.1.

The proceedings are available at <>.
At that url search for "SESSION: 14th System analysis and modelling conference (SAM)".
NOTE: The articles are NOT in the order of presentation.

Monday October 24, 2022

08:30 EST – 10:00 EST:

  • Welcome to SAM 2022 (General Chairs)

  • Keynote by Mohammad Hamdaqa (Ecole Polytechnique Montreal) (Chair: Abdelouahed Gherbi)
    Beyond the Clouds: A journey and lessons learned

10:00 EST – 10:30 EST: Coffee Break

10:30 EST – 12:00 EST: Session 1 - UML Modelling (Chair: Daniel Amyot)

  • On Abstraction in the OMG Hierarchy Andreas Prinz, Terje Gjøsæter, Birger Møller-Pedersen and Themis Dimitra Xanthopoulou
  • Detecting Mistakes in a Domain Model Prabhsimran Singh, Younes Boubekeur, and Gunter Mussbacher
  • Towards Extending the Goal-Oriented Requirements Language with Emotion-Oriented Goals to Support Socio-Technical Systems Sanaa Alwidian


12:00 EST – 13:30 EST: Lunch Break

13:30 EST – 15:00 EST: Session 2 - Model Checking (Chair: Fabio Petrillo)

  • Model-Checking of Space Systems designed with TASTE/SDL Iulia Dragomir, Carlos Redondo Aparicio, Tiago Jorge da Silva, Laura Sequeira Gouveia, Iulian Ober, Ivan Kolesnikov, Marius Bozga and Maxime Perrotin
  • Model Checking Message Delivery Times in SpaceWire Networks Andrii Kovalov, Girish Patil, Vishav Bansal and Andreas Gerndt
  • History-Aware Explanations: Towards Enabling Human-in-the-Loop in Self-Adaptive Systems with Temporal Models Juan Parra, Antonio Garcia-Dominguez, Nelly Bencomo and Luis Hernan Garcia Paucar


15:00 EST – 15:30 EST: Coffee Break

15:30 EST – 17:00 EST: Session 3 - Innovative Modelling Approaches (Chair: Omar Bahy Badreddine)

  • Classifying Changes to Models via Changeset Metrics Saheed Popoola, Xin Zhao, Jeff Gray and Antonio Garcia-Dominguez
  • An approach to build consistent software architecture diagrams using DevOps system descriptors Jalves Nicacio and Fabio Petrillo
  • Interactive highlighting for digital UML class diagrams: a new feature? Maxime Savary-Leblanc and Xavier Le Pallec


Tuesday October 25, 2022

08:45 EST – 09:45 EST:

  • Maged Elaasar, PhD (NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology) (Chair: Wahab Hamou-Lhadj)
    openCAESAR: A Next Generation Platform for Systems Engineering


09:45 EST – 10:00 EST:

  • Awards Ceremony (General Chairs)


10:00 EST – 10:30 EST: Coffee Break

10:30 EST – 12:00 EST:

  • SDL Society Annual General Meeting


12:00 EST – 13:30 EST: Lunch Break

13:30 EST – 15:00 EST: Session 1 - System-Level Modelling Languages (Chair: Iulian Ober)

  • QoS-aware Model-Based Systems Design using Systems Modeling Language Christos Kotronis, Mara Nikolaidou and Cleopatra Bardaki
  • An Approach for a Simulation-Based Analysis of Business Processes Using the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Fabian Giertzsch, Oliver Constantin Eichmann, Hartmut Hintze and Ralf God
  • Scalable ontology-based V&V process for heterogeneous systems and applications Romain Delabeye, Olivia Penas and Régis Plateaux


15:00 EST – 15:30 EST: Coffee Break

15:30 EST – 16:00 EST: SAM 2022 Closing Notes / Discussion (General Chairs)


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