Computer Networks Volume 35 Issue 6
Special Issue: MSCand SDL in project life cycles, May 2001
MSC and SDL in project life cycles
Rachida Dssouli and Yair Lahav, p. 611-612
Utilizing UML in SDL-based development
Michael Andersson, Anders Ek and Niklas Landin, p. 613-625
The SDL pattern approach - a reuse-driven SDL design methodology
Birgit Geppert and Frank Rößler, p. 627-645
Applying techniques and tools for the performance engineering of SDL systems
Jörg Hintelmann, Richard Hofmann, Frank Lemmen, Andreas Mitschele-Thiel and Bruno Müller-Clostermann, p. 647-665
Improving time-to-market using SDL tools and techniques
Nikolai N. Mansurov and Robert L. Probert, p. 667-691
Test cases selection from SDL specifications
C. Bourhfir, E. Aboulhamid, F. Khendek and R. Dssouli, p. 693-708
Notes on SDL-2000 for the new millennium
Rick Reed, p. 709-720
MSC-2000 interaction diagrams for the new millennium
Ø. Haugen, p. 721-732
Telektronikk 4/2000 Languages for Telecommunications Applications
Guest editorial; Rolv Bræk, p. 1-3
The ITU-T Languages in a Nutshell;
Arve Meisingset and Rolv Bræk, p. 4-19
SDL-2000 for New Millennium Systems;
Rick Reed, p 20-35
SDL Combined with UML;
Birger Møller-Pedersen, p.36-53
MSC-2000: Interacting with the Future;
Øystein Haugen, p. 54-61
A Tutorial Introduction to ASN.1 97;
Colin Willcock, p. 62-69
CHILL 2000;
Jürgen F H Winkler, p. 70-77
Object Definition Language;
Marc Born and Joachim Fischer, p. 78-84
Conformance Testing with TTCN;
Ina Schieferdecker and Jens Grabowski, p 85-95
On Methodology Using the ITU-T Languages and UML;
Rolv Bræk, p. 96-106
Descriptive SDL;
Steve Randall, p. 107-112
Combined Use of SDL, ASN.1, MSC and TTCN;
Anthony Wiles and Milan Zoric, p.113-119
Implementing from SDL;
Richard Sanders, p. 120-129
Validation and Testing;
Dieter Hogrefe, Beat Koch and Helmut Neukirchen, p. 130-136
Distributed Platform for Telecommunications Applications;
Anastasius Gavras, p. 137-145
Formal Semantics of Specification Languages;
Andreas Prinz, p. 146-155
Telelogic SDL and MSC Tool Families;
Philippe Leblanc, Anders Ek and Thomas Hjelm, p. 156-163
Cinderella SDL – A Case Tool for Analysis and Design;
Anders Olsen and Finn Kristoffersen, p. 164-171
The Evolution of SDL-2000;
Rick Reed
Perspective on Language and Software Standardisation;
Amardeo Sarma

Other topics:

Quality of Service in the ETSI TIPHON Project; Magnus Krampell
QoS and SLA Structure in a VoIP Service Case; Irena Grgic, Ola Espvik, Terje Jensen and Magnus Krampell
Some Physical Considerations Concerning Radiation of Electromagnetic Waves; Knut N Stokke
Structural and Behavioral Decomposition in Object Oriented Models
J. Fischer, E. Holz (Humboldt University) & B. Møller-Pedersen (Ericsson),
ISORC-2000: The 3rd IEEE International Symposium on Object-oriented Real-time distributed Computing, California, March 2000, p. 368-375.
Scalable and Object Oriented SDL State (chart)
Birger Møller-Pedersen (Ericsson Research) and Dagbjørn Nogva (Telox),
IFIP TC6/WG6.1 Joint International Conference on FORMAL DESCRIPTION TECHNIQUES(FORTE XII), Beijing Novmber 1999, p. 59-74
in: Formal Methods for Protocol Engineering and Distributed Systems, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, ISBN 0-7923-8646-9.
Advanced Topics on SDL and MSC
Ana Rosa Cavalli p. 1783-1784
Operational Semantics for MSC'96
S. Mauw and M.A. Reniers p. 1785-1799
Performance engineering of SDL/MSC systems
Andreas Mitschele-Thiel and Bruno MŸller-Clostermann p. 1801-1815
Service validation
Pierre Combes and BŽatrice Renard p. 1817-1834
Test development for communication protocols: towards automation
R. Dssouli, K. Saleh, E. Aboulhamid, A. En-Nouaary and C. Bourhfir p. 1835-1872
Frameworks by means of virtual types - exemplified by SDL
Rolv Bræk (SINTEF) & Birger Møller-Pedersen (Ericsson Research),
IFIP TC6/WG6.1 Joint International Conference on FORMAL DESCRIPTION TECHNIQUES (FORTE XI), Paris Novmber 1998. p. 181-196
in: Formal Description Techniques and Protocol Specification Testing and Verification, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston , ISBN 0-412-84760-4.
Computer Networks and ISDN Systems Volume 28, Issue 12 Special Issue: SDL and MSC, June 1996
Guest editor: Ø. Haugen
SDL Basics
Bræk , R., p. 1585-1602
Introduction to SDL-92
Sarma, A., p. 1603-1615
An introduction to Z.105
Verhaard, L., p. 1617-1628
Tutorial on Message Sequence Charts
Rudolph, E., Graubmann, P. and Grabowski, J., p. 1629-1641
The formalization of Message Sequence Charts
Mauw, S., p. 1643-1657
Validation of SDL systems
Hogrefe, D., p. 1659-1667
Testing methods for SDL systems
Cavalli, A.R., Byoung-Moon, C. and Kilnam, C., p. 1669-1683
Methodology for real time systems
Reed, R., p. 1685-1701
A requirements definition and assessment framework for SDL tools
Cheng, K.E., p. 1703-1715
Introduction to SDL-92
O. Færgemand and A. Olsen., p. 1143-1167.
New Features in SDL-92
O. Færgemand and A. Olsen. Tele Danmark Research.
Process Algebra Semantics of phi-SDL (postscript)
J. A. Bergstra and C. A. Middelburg.