All papers included in the programme are published in the Springer's Lecture Notes on Computer Science, Volume 9959. The volume is available online on SpringerLink. Access for participants is free until October 23rd, 2016.

Conference Schedule

Monday, October 3rd, 2016
09:00-09:15Opening Session
09:15-10:30Keynote (Session Chair: Jens Grabowski)

Ana Rosa Cavalli, Insititut Mines-Telecom/ Télécom SudParis
Wissam Mallouli, Montimage, Paris

Monitoring techniques in practice: experiences and lessons learned
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:30Session 1: Internet of Things (Session Chair: Tibor Csöndes)

Safdar Aqeel Safdar, Tao Yue, Shaukat Ali and Hong Lu
Evaluating Variability Modeling Techniques for Supporting Cyber-Physical System Product Line Engineering

An Ngoc Lam and Øystein Haugen
Complex Event Processing in ThingML

Edel Sherrat
SDL: meeting the IoT challenge
14:00-15:30Session 2: Technology-specific Aspects (Session Chair: Joachim Fischer)

Claudia Pons and Gabriela Perez
Applying MDA and OMG Robotic Specification for Developing Robotic Systems

Fabian Glaser
Domain Model Optimized Deployment and Execution of Cloud Applications with TOSCA

Patrick Harms
Representativeness and Descriptiveness of Task Trees Generated from Website Usage Traces
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-17:30Session 3: Languages (Session Chair: Rolv Bræk)

Mihal Brumbulli and Emmanuel Gaudin
Optimizing Performance of SDL Systems

Philip Makedonski, Gusztav Adamis, Martti Käärik, Finn Kristoffersen and Xavier Zeitoun
Evolving the ETSI Test Description Language

Andreas Prinz, Joachim Fischer and Birger Møller-Pedersen
Object-oriented Operational Semantics
17:45-19:00SDL Forum Society Meeting
19:00-22:00Welcome Reception

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016
09:15-10:30Keynote (Session Chair: Reinhard Gotzhein)

Francis Bordeleau, Ericsson

Industrial Use of Model-Based Engineering: Lessons Learned and Future Directions
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-12:30Session 4: Configurations and Features (Session Chair: Edel Sherrat)

Oussama Jebbar, Margarete Sackmann, Ferhat Khendek and Maria Toeroe
Model Driven Upgrade Campaign Generation for Highly Available Systems

Sofien Beji, Abdelouahed Gherbi, John Mullins and Pierre-Emmanuel Hladik
Model-driven Approach to the Optimal Configuration of Time-triggered Flows in a TTEthernet Network

Lorena Arcega, Jaime Font, Øystein Haugen and Carlos Cetina
Feature Location through the Combination of Run-time Architecture Models and Information Retrieval
14:00-15:30Session 5: Patterns and Compilation (Session Chair: Shaukat Ali)

Dorian Weber, Markus Scheidgen and Joachim Fischer
Exchanging the Target-Language in existing, non-metamodel-based Compilers

Chihab Mokaddem, Houari Sahraoui and Eugene Syriani
Towards Rule-based Detection of Design Patterns in Model Transformations

Urooj Fatima and Rolv Bræk
Modular Solutions to Common Design Problems Using Activities and the Interface-Modular Method
15:30-16:00Closing Session
19:00-22:00SDL Forum Society Dinner

Non SDL-forum members can participate for a fee of 45 Euro.
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