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ISSRE04 Workshop on
Integrated-reliability with Telecommunications and UML Languages
02 Nov 2004: IRISA Rennes France

ISSRE is a yearly conference organized by the IEEE. WITUL was one of several workshops attached to ISSRE 2004. The great need for reliability and wide use of the system design languages such as UML, SDL, TTCN, MSC and ASN.1 in the years leading up to WITUL emphasised the need for integration. It had been argued that the UML 2.0 version integrated languages such as MSC and SDL developed by ITU-T into UML. The forward perspective was that for real time systems the distinction between UML and use of the ITU languages may disappear. Although UML2.0 itself had been adopted, the envisaged evolution was not yet complete and the plans for work after WITUL included various notations (to be published in ITU) and work on Model Driven Architecture (MDA) in OMG.

The ITU-T work plan for 2004-2008 had further standardisation of ASN.1, SDL, MSC and TTCN including UML profiles and a project on language co-ordination. The ISSRE04 conference took place between the last meeting of the ITU study group for languages in one period and the first meeting in the next period. It was therefore an ideal time to critically review the future of ITU-T languages and the relationship to UML 2.0.

The objective of this short workshop was therefore:

  1. To consider further evolution of the ITU-T languages (taking into account reliability issues);
  2. To allow ISSRE participants to learn more about the ITU-T languages.

An indicative collaborative paper was produced (post event) based on the papers presented and the workshop discussion. This paper was for contribution to main bodies interested in the language standards (ITU, ETSI, and the SDL Forum Society).

Programme for WITUL:

Tutorial Introduction

Paper presentations - session 1

Paper presentations - session 2

16:00 - 17:00 Work shop discussion and conclusion. Issues:

The "ITU-T languages" are:

The December 2005 Special Issue of Computer Networks (ISSN 1389-1286) contains selected, revised versions of the above papers with an editorial paper reflecting the workshop result.

Organising Committee

Programme Committee and paper reviewers

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