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Towards SDL-2010

SDL-2010 is the version of the Specification and Description Language that replaces SDL-2000. The changes to the language are documented in the Route Map document (April 2010 version below).

It was decided at the December 2010 ITU-T Study Group 17 meeting to stick with the name SDL-2010 even though the the revised language standard would not be ready until 2011.

SDL-2010 was submitted to the ITU-T approval process at the September 2011 ITU-T Study Group 17 meeting. The final content was agreed at the April 2011 ITU-T Study Group 17 meeting (an experts' meeting held just before SDL2011) and by email correspondence before the  September 2011 meeting. A paper was presented at SDL2011 and is published in the proceedings (see "SDL2011 paper" and "Tutorial: SDL-2010" below).

A presentation of the work was also made at SAM2010 in Oslo (see below "SAM2010 slides" and "Background paper").

Publicly available documents on SDL-2010 are:

SDL2011 Paper
Tutorial: SDL-2010
SAM2010 slides
SAM2010 paper
RouteMap 09/11
RouteMap.zip 09/11
RouteMap 04/10
RouteMap.zip 04/08

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