TIMe Electronic Book - HTML version

The Integrated Method (TIMe) supports design oriented development, an approach to system development where software intensive systems are understood and maintained mainly in terms of abstract design descriptions. These pages explain the use of the graphical design languages UML, MSC and SDL, and will guide you through these languages in the context of the TIMe methodology.

Introduction to the Book
Introduction to the Method
Time at a glance

MSC-92  MSC-96
Activities and Descriptions
Property Modelling
Example 1: Initial development

TIMe Dictionary  Bibliography

TIMe is a system development methodology produced by SINTEF Telecom and Informatics in co-operation with Norwegian industry. TIMe in its full version form was a FrameMaker based "electronic book". These pages, called TIMe HTML, are a subset. The chapters converted to HTML are listed above.

For the full text, download the PDF version by clicking here, which downloads TIMePDF.zip where the filenames start with 2 digits indicating chapter numbers.

TIMe files hosted here are based on the version 4.0 CD supplied by SINTEF, and are hosted here by permission of SINTEF.