MSC-2000 Interaction for the new Millenium


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Table of Contents

MSC-2000 Interaction for the new Millenium

Message Sequence Charts - Z.120

Basic MSC in a nutshell

MSC References


The History of MSC

What is new in MSC-2000 relative to MSC-96

Better Structural concepts: MSC document graphics

Decomposing ACSystem

The aggregate hierarchy of MSC-2000

Object orientation in MSC-2000

Data in MSC-2000

Data in MSC-2000: Variables

The extended MSC document head

Data in MSC-2000

Conditions - finally settled

Data in MSC-2000: Guards I

Data in MSC-2000: Guards II

Time in MSC-2000: Time Observation

Time in MSC-2000: Time constraints

Method Calls / Control Flow

Who made MSC-2000?

Future of MSC

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