SAM 2021 Keynote Speakers

Keynote 1 - Dr. Nelly Bencomo (Associate Professor at Durham University, UK)

Modeling Autonomic Systems in the time of ML, DevOps and Microservices

Abstract: Concurrently, continuous integration and continuous delivery practices changed the way software production chains are conceived. The permanent access to new data, and therefore the need for ML, bring up unique aspects to be considered. The uncertain and dynamic context of the new ecosystems calls for adaptation support similar to that provided by autonomic (a.k.a. self-*) systems to be added into the architecture. An autonomic solution aims to facilitate the update of the architecture at runtime towards a new desired behaviour. During this talk, I will discuss possible trade-offs, challenges, modelling techniques for software architects, and research directions involved in building autonomic systems in the era of ML, DevOps and Microservices.


Nelly Bencomo is an Associate Professor at Durham University, in the UK. Previously, she was a Senior Lecturer at Aston University. Her research interests in Software Engineering include Decision-making under Uncertainty, Model-Driven Engineering, Autonomous Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Requirements Engineering. She was awarded EU MC and UK Leverhulme Individual Fellowships. She is the Principal Investigator of the EPSRC research project Twenty20Insight. Twenty20Insight is an interdisciplinary project bringing together academic experts in Software Engineering (SE), RE, Design Thinking and ML to help system stakeholders and developers understand and reason about the impact of intelligent systems on the world in which they operate.

Keynote 2 - Dr. Stephan Schulz (Giesecke + Devrient)

Effective deployment of agile devops in a mechanical engineering environment

Abstract: About seven years ago the keynote speaker got for the first time exposed to agile product development. Two years ago he joined his current company believing to "have seen it all". One year later he experienced agile product development at a whole new level. This keynote shares the technical and organizational challenges faced in the development and test of high-speed banknote processing systems, and shares how these have been overcome as part of a second agile transformation program. The speaker believes that this journey has been more than worthwhile and should inspire others to go "all agile", or at least help anyone to understand the types of challenges that companies in a mechanical engineering environment face when trying to adopt an effective agile way of working.


Dr. Stephan Schulz is a Test Architect at Giesecke + Devrient Currency Technology. For the past 20 years he has been researching, educating, consulting, and authoring numerous publications and standards on testing and model based testing. In addition, he has served for many years as chair of the ETSI TC MTS.

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