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Check with Klocwork if this product is still supported - it does not seem to be on the Web site.

Information supplied by Klocwork

Klocwork is proud to announce the commercial availability of its MSC to SDL Synthesizer. KLOCwork MSC to SDL Synthesizer automatically converts specifications in the MSC -2000 standard into executable specifications in SDL standard to enable more robust applications of the MSC standard as well as increase SDL development productivity. This technology was developed to allow MSC & SDL development professionals to rapidly move from one standard to the other. Fully integrated with the Telelogic Tau SDL Suite, the MSC to SDL Synthesizer provides a unique environment for rapid prototyping with MSC scenarios.

Company profile

Klocwork develops software productivity solutions that enable companies to accelerate development while improving quality and reducing costs in large software projects. Incubated inside Nortel Networks for five years, Klocwork Inc. was founded in 2001 to offer its products and services to large corporations across verticals, including the telecom, aerospace/defense, finance, and other mission critical software industries.

KLOCwork MSC to SDL Synthesizer Details

The MSC to SDL Synthesizer takes a set of Message Sequence Charts (MSC) that comprise a scenario model and automatically transforms the scenario model into an executable Specification and Description Language (SDL) model that conforms to standards and is ready to use with an SDL tool. This automated solution is fully integrated with Telelogic Tau SDL and provides excellent usage in the following two areas:

  1. Early Requirements Prototyping & Validation
    Use MSCs to rapidly prototype requirements
    Use MSCs to perform automatic early fault detection
    Use MSCs to automatically generate test cases
    Use MSCs for architecture definition and validation
    Use MSCs to design components
  2. Accelerate your SDL Development
    Jumpstart your SDL project eliminate manual conversion of MSCs to SDL
    Use MSC to SDL Synthesizer for SDL training

How do I obtain more information?

For additional information, feel free to contact Klocwork at info@klocwork.com or visit http://www.klocwork.com.

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