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Engineering Real Time Systems

R. Bræk and Ø. Haugen. Prentice Hall 1993, ISBN 0-13-034448-6

The aim of this book is to enable the reader to master the complexity of distributed real time systems. As the use of such systems becomes more widespread quality becomes more critical and at the same time higher expectations increase their complexity. A methodology that helps the user to master this complexity and maintain quality in operation is therefore highly in demand. This book describes such a methodology and supplies complete coverage from ideas to implementation. The methodology uses the specification language SDL recommended by the international standardization body ITU.

Features include:
An object-oriented perspective is presented.
A realistic example is developed throughout the book.
Life-cycle aspects, reuse, verification and validation are covered.
The functionality of systems is described fully, and explained and analyzed independently of implementation.

Rolv Bræk is a professor at the Norwegian Institute of Technology and Principal Research Scientist at SINTEF DELAB.
Øystein Haugen works at the Software Engineering Laboratory at Ericson in Norway.

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