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Sixth SDL Forum Darmstadt 11-15 October 1993
In memory of Ferenc Belina who made significant controbutions to SDL.
520 pages.

Available from the Society - see Proceedings



High Level Specification of a Telecom Application with SDL-92
L. Mĺnsson
System-Level Hardware Design with SDL
W. Glunz, T. Rössel, T. Kruse
An Industrial Experience on SDL Introduction in a Conventional Software Development Life Cycle
J. Carracedo, G. Léon, C. Ramos, R. de Diego, J. C. Moreno, F.J. Carrasco, J.J. Gil
Using SDL in a Commercially Available Wide Area Coverage Trunking Mobile Radio System Development
A. Zaim, F. Çalikoglu
Specification and Validations of Inmarsat Aeronautical System Protocols
L. Mitchell, Sze-Ching Lu
Modelling and Validation of Telephony Network Signalling
M Crowther


Use of SDL in an Object Oriented Design Process During the Development of a Prototype Switching System
B. Takacs
Integrating SDL and Object-oriented Analysis through OMT/SDL
J. Kuusela, E. Kettunen
A Run Time Library for the Simulation of SDL `92 Specifications
J. Fischer, E. Holz, M von Löwis, D. W.itaszek
SDL++-A Toolset for the Object-oriented Development of C++ Software
G. Gries
SDL and Distributed Systems - a Comparison with ANSA
S. Mazaher, G. Raeder
Modeling of Objects with ROOM and SDL `92
H Christensen, R. Gutiérrez

Message Sequence Charts

Towards a Formal Semantics of Message Sequence Charts
J. De Man
A Formal semantics of Synchronous Interworkings
S. Mauw, M. van Wijk, T. Winter
Towards a Petri Net Based Semantics Definition for Message Sequence Charts
P. Graubmann, E. Rudolph, J. Grabowski


Protocol Validation for Specifications in SDL
F. Nitta, A. Ito, E. Utsunomiya, H Saito
A Correctness Proofofa Translation from SDL to CRL
A. Gammelgaard, J.E. Kristensen
The AVALON-Project : A VALidatiON Environment for SDL/MSC Descriptions
B. Algayres, Y. Lejeune, F Hugonnet, F Hantz
Verifying Message Sequence Charts with the SDT Validator
A. Ek


Test Case Generation with Test Purpose Specification by MSCs
J. Grabowski, D. Hogrefe, R. Nahm
Experimenting Test Selection Strategies
L. Boullier, M Phalippou, A. Rouger
Protocol Test Specification in SDL
F. Lucidi, S. Trigila, R. Di Blasi

ASN.1 and Templates for Managed Objects

Combined Specification Using SDL and ASN.1
J. Fischer, R. Schröder
Semantic Integration of ASN. 1 into SDL
G. Karner
On the Use of SDL-92 for the Specification of Behaviour in 0S1 Network Management Objects
S. Mazaher, B. Mřller-Pedersen
A First Attempt to Combine GDMO and SDL Techniques
A. Bartocci, G. Larini, C. Romellini


SDL to C++ Translator for ISDN Basic Rate Terminal Signalling
E. Inocęncio, MM Fonseca
Automated Assistance to the Design of Embedded Real-time Software Systems Using SDL
J.J.B. Cloutier, R.E. Seviora
Implementation and Evaluation of a Communication Specification
H Hasegawa, W. Tanaka, Y. Shigeta
Automatic Code Generation from SDL to a Declarative Programming Language
M W. Fröberg
Software Creation: An SDL-based Expert System for Automatic Software Design
B. H Far, T. Takizawa, Z Koono
Conformance Testing of SDL Support Tools
J.H Heilesen, M Zeeberg, A. Goncalves, A. Olsen

Intelligent Networks

Approaches to the Specification of Intelligent Network Services in SDL-92
A. Nyeng, B. Mřller-Pedersen
Formal Verification of Telecommunication Service Interactions using SDL Methods and Tools
P. Combes, M Michel, B. Renard


Experiences Gained using a Project Model Adapted to the Use of SDL
L. -0. Kihlström, C. Söderblom
An Industrial Experience with SDL in Conjunction with MSC
V. Cortés
The SISU Project
Ř. Haugen, R. Brćk, G. Melby


COSMOS Software Metrics Workbench
The Danish SDL Tool
Graphical Tool Set- GTS
SDT - SDL Design Tool
A Tool to Transform SDL-92 into a Common Representation

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