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SDL '87 - State Of The Art and Future Trends

Editors: R. Saracco and P. A. J. Tilanus

ISBN: 0 444 70286 5


The Use of SDL in an ISDN-terminal Project
V.M.M. Reijs (The Netherlands)
SDL Usage within the Italian Administration
P. Bagnoli, L. Dragoni, R. Saracco (Italy)
Experience Using CCITT SDL
M. Regan, J. Colton, R. Reed (U.K.)

SDL Support Environment

DASOM - An SDL-tool
E. Vefsnmo (Norway)
Successful Use of a Highly Tool-supported SDL-environment
C. Krechel (F.R.G.)
Supporting the SDL User
R. Tinker, R. A. Orr, M. T. Norris (U.K.)
SDL Prototype Implementation Concept
The SPIC Group (F.R.G., U.K., France, Italy)
SDT SDL Design Tool
F. Belina, G. Nilsson (Sweden)
An Approach to SDL Tool Development
M. Zoricí(Yugoslavia)
Impact of the Latest SDL Evolutions on Existing Tools
L. Cerchio, R. Vallillo (Italy)
Development of an SDL Graphic Environment
K. Kimbler, M. Sredniawa, M. Wojtal, B. Kakol, A. Skopurinski, P. Gumulinski, M. Dabrowski (Poland)
SDL-oriented Graphical Environment
J.P. Hong, J.S. Lee, Y.S. Shin, W. Choi (Republic of Korea)
SDL in Performance Evaluation
M. Sredniawa, B. Kakol, P. Gumulinski (Poland)
SCAN, an Expert System for the Analysis of SDL Specifications
E. Unruh (Sweden)
An Integrated Set of Tools for Software Design Based on SDL
H. Kossmann (F.R.G.)
Software Automation System
J. Batista Junior (Brazil)
Functional Block Diagrams are Part of SDL ë88
B.W. Takacs, J. Tegeler (F.R.G.)
The Danish SDL-tool
A. Jensen (Denmark)


Guidelines for the SDL Formal Model
A. Olsen (Denmark)
Comparison of SDL and LSD
W. M. Beynon, M.T. Norris (U.K.)
Evaluation and Comparison of Three Specification Languages: SDL, LOTOS and ESTELLE
The SPECS Consortium (The Netherlands, Italy, France)


SDL Data Methodology
J. R.W. Smith (U.K.)
SYSDAX - An Object Oriented Design Methodology Based on SDL
K. H. Narfelt (Sweden)
New Features in SDL - Correctness by Construction
P. Ostrowski, Z. Dziong (Poland)

Formal Verification and Testing

The Abstract SDL Machine in the Formal Model
O. Færgemand (Denmark)
Towards Practicality Predicate/Transition Petri Net Reachability Analysis of SDL
B. Kettunen, M. Lindqvist (Finland)
SDL-DEBUG a Portable Test Environment for SDL systems
B. Jobes, W. Irler (F.R.G.)
Simulation of a Large SDL System: some Experiences and a Proposed Method
D. Hogrefe (F.R.G.)
Prototyping System for Telecommunications Software Based on Abstract Execution of Requirements Specifications
Y. Wakahara, A. Ito (Japan)

SDL Towards Implementation

Going from SDL to CHILL: The Tropico Approach
J.H.A. Franco, J. Haim, H.M. Lirna (Brazil)
Using SDL as Specification and Design Language and Ada as Implementation Language
J. Karlsson, L. Mansson (Sweden)
Automatic Program Generation of SDL-specifications: Principles and Solutions
U. Johansen, E. Vefsnmo, E. Vefsnmo (Norway)
A Project of an Integrated Environment for SDL and CHILL
K. Kimbler, J. Lubacz, M. Sredniawa (Poland)
MELBA at the Age of Eight: An Automatic Code Generation System
L.N. Jackson, K.E. Cheng, T.S. Choong, R.S.V. Pascoe, G.J. Cain (Australia).
An Experimental Operating System for the Implementation of Telecommunications Software, Based on SDL
P. H. A. Venemans (The Netherlands)

Future Perspectives

The SPECS Architecture: Towards an Integrated Specification Environment
The SPECS Consortium (The Netherlands, Italy, France)
New Pathways for SDL
R. Bræk, G. Hasnes (Norway)
Rationale and Tutorial on OSDL: an Object Oriented Extension of SDL
D. Belsnes, B. Møller-Pedersen, H. P. Dahle (Norway)
Declarative Specifications in Prolog and SDL
K. Koyanagi, K. Maruyama (Japan)
Experience with and Future of LOTOS as a Specification Language
E. Brinksma, G. Scollo, C. A. Vissers (The Netherlands, Italy)


Tools for Supporting the Use of SDL
edited by E.M. Dijkerman

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