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13th SDL Forum
Final Programme
(update: 02 Oct 2007)

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Tuesday Sep 18
Wednesday Sep 19
Thursday Sep 20
Friday Sep 21
8:00 - Registration

8:45 - Opening


9:00 Tutorial

Systems Modeling Language
by Philippe Desfray
from Softeam


9:00 Tutorial

An OMG UML profile to develop real-time and embedded systems by Sebastien Demathieu from Thales Research and Technologies

9:00 Tutorial

An ITU UML profile to develop telecommunication and embedded systems based on SDL by Rick Reed from TSE


9:30 - Panel session: Should all modelling languages be UML compliant?
Chair: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Gotzhein - TU Kaiserslautern

Stein Erik Ellevseth - Devotek Communications (Norway)
Ferhat Khendek - Concordia University (Canada)
Joachim Fischer - Humboldt-University (Germany)
Dieter Hogrefe - University of Göttingen (Germany)
Emmanuel Gaudin - PragmaDev (France)
11:00 Tutorial

Architecture Analysis and Design Language
by Jean-François Tilman
from Axlog

11:00 - Model Driven Engineering
Chair: Edel Sherratt - University of Wales Aberystwyth
A Model-based Standard for SDL
Model Driven development and code generation: an automotive case study
Experiences in Deploying Model-Driven Engineering

11:00 - Implementation
Chair: Philippe Leblanc - Telelogic France
Automated Generation of Micro Protocol Descriptions from SDL Design Specifications
Synthesizing Components with Sessions from Collaboration-Oriented Service Specifications
Experiences in using the SOMT method to support the design and implementation of a network simulator

11:00 Open discussion
Language convergence

Chair: Rick Reed - TSE
12:00 - SDL Forum Annual General Meeting
The annual general meeting is open to all participants. Only members can vote, but participants that paid the non-member registration fee are offered free membership until 31 Dec 2007.
12:30 - Lunch 12:30 - Lunch 12:30 - Lunch 12:30 - Lunch

14:00 - Tutorials:

DO178 / ED12
DO178 (B&C) and Model Based Development and Verification
by Hugues Bonnin
from CS


A combination of UML, SDL, and C/C++
by Eric Brunel
from PragmaDev

14:00 - Testing
Chair: Martin v. Löwis - Hasso-Plattner-Institut
TTCN-3 Quality Engineering: Using Learning Techniques to Evaluate Metric Sets
Using TTCN for Radio Conformance Test Systems
Testing UML2.0 Models using TTCN-3 and the UML2.0 Testing Profile

14:00 - Modeling experience and extensions
Chair: Emmanuel Gaudin - PragmaDev
Consistency of UML/SPT Models
Formal Verification of Use Case Maps with Real Time Extensions
Using probabilist models for studying realistic systems: a case study of Pastry






16:00 - Language extensions
Chair: Susanne Graf - Verimag
Specifying Input Port Bounds in SDL
Translatable Finite State Time Machine
Enhanced Use Case Map Traversal Semantics


16:00 - Modeling experience and extensions (Ctd)
OpenComRTOS: An ultra-small network centric embedded RTOS designed using formal modeling
SDL Design and Performance Evaluation of a Mobility Management Technique for 3GPP LTE systems
17:00 - Tool vendors vision
Market analysis and RTDS new features
SDL Suite new features by Irv Badr

17:00 - Closing



  18:30 - Evening social event at the Eiffel tower:
Dinner at the Altitude 95 restaurant on the first floor
Short tour on a peniche

18:30 - Evening social event at the Orsay museum:
Guided tour of the museum
Dinner at the museum's restaurant


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