Annual General Meeting 2021
of the SDL Forum Society

The AGM 2022 of the SDL Forum Society will be held during this year’s SAM Conference, which will take place October 24-25, 2022, in Montréal, Canada. The time and details of the logistics for the meeting will be announced in a forthcoming invitation. An online link will be provided, at a time that will be also convenient to European members.

The future of the society and the possibility of ending its operations will be an important point of the meeting. The business of the meeting is expected to be as follows:

  • To approve the minutes of the previous AGM;
  • To receive and adopt the report of the Board and the statement of accounts for the year;
  • To discuss the future operation of the society and consider ending its existence;
  • To elect the Board for the coming year if necessary;
  • To elect the auditors for the coming year if necessary;
  • To consider any proposed resolutions from the Board or members for operation of the Society in future, including (but not limited to) Society Events, standardisation work, member benefits and subscriptions.

Rick Reed

September 12, 2022

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