The List of SAM 2023 Accepted Papers.

  1. Hessa Alfraihi and Kevin Lano. Trends and Insights into the Use of Model-Driven Engineering: A Survey.

  2. Nouf Alturayeif and Jameleddine Hassine. Detection of Linguistic Bad Smells in GRL Models: An NLP Approach.

  3. Afef Awadid and Remi Boyer. On the Conceptualization of Tools for Traceability-based Change Impact Analysis using a Domain-specific Modeling Approach.

  4. Paul Boutot and Sadaf Mustafiz. IoTMoF: A Requirements-Driven Modelling Framework for IoT Systems.

  5. Sorour Jahanbin, Dimitris Kolovos and Simos Gerasimou. Towards Memory-Efficient Validation of Large XMI Models.

  6. Maged Elaasar, Nicolas Rouquette, David Wagner, Bentley Oakes, Abdelwahab Hamou-Lhadj and Mohammad Hamdaqa. openCAESAR: Balancing Agility and Rigor in Model-Based Systems Engineering.

  7. Jordan Epp, Thomas Robert, Olivier Ruch and Alison Olechowski. Towards SysML v2 as a Variability Modeling Language.

  8. Asma Fariha, Sanaa Alwidian and Akramul Azim. Towards Requirements Specification Collaboration Forum for Embedded Software Systems.

  9. Emmanuel Gaudin, Mihal Brumbulli and Eric Brunel. Language agnostic model checking for SDL.

  10. Panagiotis Kourouklidis, Dimitris Kolovos, Joost Noppen and Nikolaos Matragkas. A Domain-Specific Language for Monitoring ML Model Performance.

  11. Kevin Lano, Howard Haughton, Ziwen Yuan and Hessa Alfraihi. Program abstraction and re-engineering: an Agile MDE approach. This paper was awarded with the Best Paper Award.

  12. Owen Reynolds, Antonio Garcia-Dominguez and Nelly Bencomo. Automated provenance collection at runtime as a cross-cutting concern.

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