The list of SAM 2021 accepted papers:

  1. On the Conception of Executable Design Languages for Distributed Real-time Systems.
    Reinhard Gotzhein.

  2. Combining Low-Code Programming and SDL-Based Modeling with Snap! in the Industry 4.0 Context.
    Xavier Pi i Palomés, Pere Tuset-Peiró, and Pau Fonseca i Casas

  3. Identification and Optimisation of Type-Level Model Queries.
    Qurat Ul Ain Ali, Dimitris Kolovos and Konstantinos Barmpis.

  4. Modeling self-adaptative IoT architectures.
    Iván Alfonso, Kelly Garces Pernett, Harold Castro and Jordi Cabot.

  5. UCM4IoT: A Use Case Modelling Environment for IoT Systems.
    Paul Boutot, Mirza Rehenuma Tabassum and Sadaf Mustafiz.

  6. Modelling Data Protection in Fog Computing Systems using UMLsec and SysML-Sec.
    Jan Laufer, Zoltán Ádám Mann and Andreas Metzger.

  7. (Not) Yet Another Metamodel For Traceability.
    Edouard Romari Batot, Jordi Cabot and Sébastien Gérard.

  8. Metamodel Refactoring using Constraint Solving: a Quality-based Perspective.
    Oussama Ben Sghaier, Houari Sahraoui and Michalis Famelis.

  9. From a Series of (Un)fortunate Events to Global Explainability of Runtime Model-Based Self-Adaptive Systems.
    Juan Parra, Antonio Garcia-Dominguez and Nelly Bencomo.

  10. Artifact Analysis of Smell Evolution and Maintenance Tasks in Simulink Models.
    Saheed Popoola and Jeff Gray.

  11. Towards Modelling Acceptance Tests as a Support for Software Measurement.
    Alexandra Lapointe-Boisvert, Sébastien Mosser and Sylvie Trudel.

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