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Call for papers

The System Analysis and Modelling (SAM) conference provides an open arena for participants from academia and industry to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in modelling and analysis of complex systems using ITU-T's Specification and Description Language (SDL-2010) and Message Sequence Chart (MSC) notations, as well as related system design languages — including but not limited to UML, ASN.1, TTCN, SysML and the User Requirements Notation (URN).

SAM is held every two years. SAM 2018 will be co-located with MODELS 2018 and will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 15-16, 2018.

The SAM conference originates from the use of languages and techniques for telecommunications applications, whereas MODELS has a background in the application of UML. However, UML is also used for telecommunications, and the languages standardized by ITU‑T (ASN.1, SDL‑2010, MSC, TTCN‑3, URN) are also used for other applications. The 2018 MODELS conference week is an opportunity to attend both of these events with overlapping domains of interest.

Scope and Topics

This year’s edition of SAM will be under the theme “Languages, Methods, and Tools for Systems Engineering”, including languages and methods standardized by the ITU-T, and domain-specific languages. Also included are software engineering technologies, such as for requirements engineering, software verification and validation, and automated code generation. Authors are therefore invited to submit papers related to this year’s theme including the following non-exclusive list of topics:

The conference programme will include:

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