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This web page was the call for papers, updated after the event. The referenced Letter/A4 versions of the Call for Papers are unmodified.

Theme: Models and Reusability

Model reuse is a powerful concept defined as the process of creating new models using existing model artefacts. To make model reuse applicable, reusing an artefact should be easier than constructing it from scratch. This entails that the reusable artefacts are easy to understand, find and apply. Commonly reusable artefacts include classes, components, patterns, frameworks and services, and emerging ones include product lines, aspects and concerns.

SAM2014 invited contributions related but not limited to the reuse of model artefacts and the design of reusable artefacts for ITU-T languages and other related system design languages.


The 2014 edition of the conference invited contributions on the the following non-exhaustive list of topics:


Springer LNCS

As in previous editions, the SAM 2014 proceedings were published in the well-known Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series. The SAM proceedings published by Springer are: LNCS8769 (SAM 2014); LNCS7744 (SAM 2012); LNCS6598 (SAM 2010); LNCS4320 (SAM 2006); LNCS3319 (SAM 2004); LNCS2599 (SAM 2002); as well as the past editions of the SAM Conference and SDL Forum.

Requirements on authors: Accepted papers had to be presented at SAM 2014 by one of the authors. A full SAM 2014 conference registration was required for each accepted paper. It was not allowed to cover more than one paper with the same registration. Failure to register before the early registration deadline or present the paper at the conference would have resulted in the paper being removed from the proceedings.

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