News: Welcome - new mailing list structure

Subject: News: Welcome - new mailing list structure
From: Yair Lahav (
Date: Tue Aug 12 1997 - 07:37:12 MDT

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Hello you all,

I am glad to announce a reorganization in our mailing list.
The SDL Forum society mailing list was divided into 3 different mails

1. will be used for general messaging about our
society and web site.
2. is used for SDL specific discussion and
3. is used for MSC specific discussion and

The 'news' distribution list is a merge of the two old lists ('sdlnews' and
Information about how register/unregister to/from a mailing list can be
obtain by sending an e-mail to, with the word
"help" in the body of the e-mail.

Archives, of these mailing lists, can be found at:

Any remarks is welcome!


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For help, email "" with the body of your email as:
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